22 April 2009

What will YOU be like when you get old and senile?

I've been busting my tail at a long-term care facility, so I've encountered some absolutely funny situations. One thing that gets me is that when old people start losing their minds, they talk about events that happened yeaaaaars ago. That got me to thinking.

What will -I- talk about?

I hope to God I am not one of those women who flashes residents for bingo cards or something unless I've had some fake boobs put in. Otherwise, I guess by that time, I'll just pick up my skirt? (Counter that with the pervy old men who actually pay women like that).

Will I be one of those women who sings songs that no one knows because they're from, like, a gazillion years ago and not popular. When I sing Morrissey's "Life Is a Pigsty", will someone think I'm suicidal?

Oh no! Will I think I'm a mage or a warrior or a cleric or something from a roleplaying game? Will I wiggle my fingers at people, thinking I'm casting a spell?

This is kind of a creepy thought. What's your worst nightmare that you might do when you get old?

01 April 2009

Christian dating websites...why?!

I was just over on Facebook, being all facebooky, when off to the left of whatever I was doing was an ad for "Christian Mingle," a dating website for Christians. I'm curious so I went and looked. Mind you, my children told me the other day, "You should go on eharmony.com and find a husband." But really, I'm kinda anti-dating website for a variety of reasons.

First off, a non-Christian friend of mine has used said websites and Craigslist personals. While the guys she meets purport to be interested in relationships, in the end she's nothing but a booty call. She finally decided to pull all of her ads off. The last straw was some guy telling her that "redheads are hot and have big boobs." Yeah, that's a winner right there. Makes me want to run right out and meet him!

Then from a Christian perspective, I have a few questions. The first is, "Is this a good use of my time and energy?"