28 August 2007

Most people keep their brains between their legs

(an amusing quote from "Such a Little Thing Makes Such a Big Difference" by Morrissey)

Dear 21 year old, very cute male lab partner,

You have made me feel like a dirty old woman. I can't help but notice you're good-looking. And funny. I couldn't help feeling a little smug that you chose to sit near me instead of any number of cute little things in the class (in your FACE, cute little things!). I understand why: We are both serious about getting good grades and having fun in the process.

But goodness gracious, when I was talking about wearing jammies to school, whyyyyyy did you have to say, "My jammies are nothing, so I can't come to school in them"?

I managed to recover by truthfully stating, "Thanks. That put a mental image in my head that'll take forever to get out." And using a tone that conveyed sarcasm and disgust. My tone MAY have been a little off from the truth. Just a tad.

Thanks for the cheap thrills,

PS. It would never work between us...but we'll always have *dramatic pause* playdough!


Harriet said...

My request for a hot lab partner is in the post. I'm here! Been with family and had some deep meaningful thoughts about Threshold. All is sorted though!

Ape in the Epicenter said...


Funny note. Shall I write a story about the lab partner? I would like a copy of the note to distribute to several too-young-cuties as I see fit. Need I credit you in the PS section? (you see my grad school training has at least taught me how to credit sources).