18 March 2011

Vegetize me!

So most everyone's heard of the movie Super Size Me, where the guy eats nothing but McDonalds and chronicles his health's downward turn. I'm about to embark on the opposite journey, abandoning the American junk food diet and hoping my health improves.

The rules for Vegetize Me are as follows:

1. Each meal or snack should contain at least one serving of a fruit or vegetable besides corn or potatoes.

2. I will not be eating any animal products because I know my cholesterol sucks and I need to bring it down. The only POSSIBLE exception is if my refusal would directly insult someones hospitality.

3. I will weigh in and check blood pressure weekly. I will document food daily.

4. Food will not be made from mixes. Sigh. No tofu helper.

5. I will share a meal with someone besides my kids once a week. Part of good health is good social health!

So there we have it. Let's see what happens!