30 January 2009



Specific request for you praying types out there.

I need you to pray that I will be satisfied with wherever I am placed at for preceptorships. Many people are offered jobs by these facilities after graduation, which is somewhat of a relief. But honestly, I don't know what kind of nurse I want to be. I can tell you some things I absolutely love:

* Surgery. I love the OR! I hope someday to get my RN and become an OR nurse. Right now, LPN's don't typically work in OR's. Also, the call schedule would kinda suck what with me being a single parent.

*Caring for profoundly mentally retarded folks. I have done my last two clinical days at such a facility and have absolutely LOVED it. Loved! I mean, really. It has brought me such joy, even though I've had to do some icky stuff. Also, the facility has basically a long-term care section AND a medical-surgical unit, so I can pick up a lot of experience on both ends. Problem with this is that the facility is over an hour's drive away so I'd have to leave my kids with my parents overnight a lot to do the preceptorships, and how would we handle it if I was offered a job? Could I do it? Dunno.

I tolerate the med-surg floor at the hospital and definitely prefer it to the long-term care I've been exposed to thus far. If I couldn't get either of the above (or the Emergency Room, which I haven't yet explored), I'd definitely want med-surg over nursing home any day.

Preceptorships start in March. They're already starting to place people now, even though they're not telling us. Please pray for me.


PS You can always pray that a) God will provide a massive amount of money so I don't have to work, or b) God will provide someone to take care of my kids so that scheduling isn't an issue. Preferably someone who wouldn't mind homeschooling a couple of 'em. ;)