30 April 2008


So I got an unexpected paycheck today, which meant I could go buy the kids some t-shirts and take them out to supper. After reading a mention of the Chinese buffet in Stuff Christians Like (which, again, I am wholeheartedly recommending), I decided that's what we should eat. So we piled into the booth and began taking turns going to the buffet.

My son suddenly started talking to me about the movie Finding Nemo. It was so random, and I just couldn't figure out WHY he brought it up. It wasn't like we were talking about anything to do with the film at all! I was puzzled but that's a normal state of mind for me.

So I turned around to take my turn at the buffet and noticed our waiter's shirt was in the exact same pattern as a Clownfish. I started laughing. My 12 year old then noticed the same thing but didn't say a word until he passed by, when she whispered conspiratorially, "Nemo just smiled at me."

We spent the rest of our dinner with the giggles everytime the poor guy even came near us. And as we left? I urged the children out the door with a sing song, "Just keep walkin, just keep walking, walking, walking."

28 April 2008


Sometimes I come across the question "If you had a theme song for your life, what would it be?" and I 'm really stumped. I have to tell you that I can't imagine any song playing during a montage of parenting, errand-running and going to school. Unless it's Eye of the Tiger because that is the king of montage songs. Didn't Starbucks prove that?

Anyway, I may not have a theme song, but I think about music ALL the time. Songs pop into my head all the time and they sometimes crack me up! Everytime I pass a Mustang lately, Mustang Sally pops into my head. Whenever it's someone's birthday, I hum a little Unhappy Birthday. When I was pregnant with my fourth child and vomiting nonstop, I would sing a specific praise song next to the toilet. Which, I suppose, is not entirely bad. Just possibly disrespectful.

26 April 2008

The problem with fat!

The problem with being fat but not massively hugely fat is this: You still get hit on, but only by the really desperate guys.

I either need to lose weight and get someone decent (Funsize or a Funsize equivalent), or gain more, start wearing circus tents and give up.

24 April 2008


Punkin had a moment today.

Doctor was palpating her abdomen, making sure she didn't have appendicitis. While doing that, he made small talk.

Dr: So, what grade are you in?
Punkin: First.
Dr: Are you learning how to read.
Punkin: (nodding) Uh-huh.
Dr: Do you like to read books yet? Do you have any books?
Punkin: I already read the Wizard of Oz. It was 235 pages.
Dr: Oh.

(Yes, Punkin really did read The Wizard of Oz by herself. Hasn't seen the movie yet but I know it'll be a disappointment when she does. The book rocks!)

22 April 2008

Cool it now...

My son's mentor picked him up today. He said he had Bobby and Ricky in the car.

I wanted to know where Ronnie and Mike were.

If this is obscure, go here.

Ah, pre-crackhead days.

17 April 2008

updates updates updates

I got into the LPN program at my community college. My plan all along has been to get a Master's in Nursing so I can teach. However, I am starting at the very bottomest rung and I'm glad to be there! 96 people applied. 35 people got in. I was the top test-scorer! yay me!

On Saturday, I had to take my Nurse Aide/CNA I exam. While most of the stuff is common sense, I had a little problem. I've never DONE half the stuff they're testing on. I had to drop out before clinicals last time I took the CNA class. And this time, the clinicals started after the LPN class. I had to be certified before the LPN class began!

So...without practicing anything for the skills portion, and without a book to study for the written portion, I went and took the test. I didn't realize how nerve-wracking it would be as a proctor watched me and ticked off things on a checklist as I did them. Have you ever tried to feed another person with a third person watching you intently? Rather unsettling! Anyway, I passed. I got my Nurse Aide Certification which means I can wipe butts with the best of 'em. Next up: LPN! Just one year and I'll be a low-on-the-totem-pole nurse.

Tater has been in and out of facilities for the past few weeks, which threw our family back into crisis. I swear I don't know which way is up at this point. Two days ago she was admitted into a home where she will live for a minimum of 1.5 years. She can't level out of this placement because THIS is the place where kids who assault staff and run and such go. It is seriously like a prison as far as security. Every door is locked and every room (save bathrooms) has a video camera. The place is monitored and staffed by nurses 24/7.

More on the Tater front. She has finished her 12 hours of neuro/psych testing. Four sessions. That's a lot of contact hours. I go next month to speak with the doc and find the results. A couple of weeks ago he suspected brain damage. I've been doing some reading and I suspect he may be right. We'll see, though. The thought of my daughter having something incurable, something that CAN'T be healed with therapy and meds, is just overwhelming. I feel sick to my stomach and I want to just curl up into a ball again and cry for days. And yet...and yet...it would almost be a relief to find out at this point. Because at least we'd KNOW what's wrong and what we can expect.

So there you have it. Life is good and bad but always interesting. Which just proves that God gives the best presents there are.